B5tec at Organic Battery Days!

At B5tec we are very happy to announce that we are official sponsors of the Organic Battery Days event that will take place in Donostia in June. We will also participate in the working groups organised there, excited to exchange thoughts and expertise with bright minds in the storage sector.

Since its foundation, B5tec has been focused on developing organic active species that can replace metals in battery performance. Therefore, this event is close to our corporate values, as we are excited to participate in the growth of the organic battery industry.

Up to now, lithium, cobalt, zinc, cadmium or nickel have been widely used metal resources for the development of batteries and cells. However, besides counting on limited resources, they generate great environmental impact in the countries where they are extracted, as well as with battery disposal at the end of their lifetime. B5tec has always been pushing for science and research to change these standard practices.

Our metal-free technological approach has allowed us to create sustainable, non-toxic, safe, affordable, and low-cost storage solutions. Furthermore, part of our mission is to ensure a safe and reliable supply chain. Events like the Organic Battery Days enable this vision for sustainability to become a stronger reality year by year.

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